Georgina Njenga Shares a Cryptic Message After Announcing Her Breakup With Baha

In a cryptic online message, a Kenyan socialite and mother of one has revealed the end of her relationship with Baha. Taking to her Instagram page, she expressed that when one announces their departure from a relationship, people often start claiming they had grand plans for the future, but the timing seems suspect to her. In a playful manner, she referred to this unidentified person as “Mr. Event Planner,” seemingly poking fun at the situation.

Georgina, formerly known as Baha Machachari’s partner, disclosed that she had actually parted ways with him a long time ago and is now in a better emotional state. The couple had a child together, a baby girl named Nyambura, and they had even set up a separate Instagram account for her.

As of now, Bahati has not responded to Georgina’s online sentiments, and there have been no recent sightings of them together like they used to be.