Georgina Njenga finally explains why she broke up with baby daddy Baha

Digital content creator Georgina Njenga has recently provided insight into the reasons behind her separation from Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, the father of her child. In an interview with Mungai Eve, Georgina openly discussed the amicable conclusion of their relationship, which followed numerous attempts to salvage it.

Georgina clarified that although they have chosen different paths, Baha remains actively involved in their child’s life.

Reflecting on the breakup, Georgina stated, “There wasn’t a single specific reason; it wasn’t a case of one action leading to the split. Rather, it was a culmination of various issues… Eventually, there comes a point when you realize that this isn’t a feasible arrangement.”

Crucially, Georgina emphasized that neither of them made the unilateral decision to end the relationship. Instead, they jointly acknowledged that the situation wasn’t sustainable. “It wasn’t a matter of one person leaving the other; it was a mutual decision that this path wasn’t viable. We had conversations and came to an agreement that continuing wasn’t feasible,” Georgina explained.

Expanding on this, she further remarked, “You reach a juncture where, despite investing a lot of effort into communication, you recognize that it’s time to move on.”

When questioned about involving their parents to salvage the relationship, Georgina disclosed, “Indeed, we did attempt that avenue.”

Georgina also emphasized that the mere presence of a child should never be a sole reason to remain in a strained relationship. She expressed her belief that co-parenting can be a viable alternative. “From my perspective, the presence of a child should not be the sole factor keeping you in an incompatible relationship. Co-parenting is a valid option, and Tyler is deeply devoted to our child. This was evident even during my pregnancy. Therefore, it’s important to stay in a relationship for your own happiness, rather than solely for the child,” she asserted.

Although Georgina and Baha have not been romantically involved for a while, Georgina shared that they prioritize co-parenting to ensure their daughter receives the nurturing and care she deserves.