Gathoni Wa Muchomba: I will be Kenya's president at age 60.

Gathoni Wa Muchomba: I will be Kenya’s president at age 60.

The Kiambu County Women representative has said that she will be the president once she will be 60 years.

In an interview with Dun Wainaina, Wamuchomba said that she comes from a poor family and her ambitions are large adding that it took the mercies of a Japanese woman who changed her life completely.

We were left homeless after auctioneers took everything. Luckily my mum had met with a Japanese woman who was volunteering in one of the high schools in our village.So, during the holidays, we would visit and spend at her house until when she left the country,

She said.

She sent me a letter and asked me what I wanted her to do for me since I had also been helping her.I said I wanted her to visit me in school and to my surprise, she came accompanied by other delegates. They brought me a lot of shopping and even cleared my school fees.

”’I turned 46 years last month but I am determined to be the president by the time I am 60 years. When my opponents speak against me, I always tell them, I am His seed. If God gives me life I will be the president.”

That is my vision. It is something that God has pushed in my mind for many days and even when I resist, it still comes back,” she stated.