Gachagua asks sons to look for creator of Riggy G, promises to reward her

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has said that he wants to reward Ivy Chelimo, the content creator who concocted his viral ‘Riggy G’ moniker.

Talking during an interview with citizen tv , Gachagua was highlighting the way that President Ruto’s administration will nurture young content creators in the country.

“The young lady who decided that my name Rigathi Gachagua is too long and it is not melodious. And I think this guy (Gachagua) looks like a nice guy and we need to give him a good name that sounds melodious,” he told Waihiga Mwaura.

Gachagua added that he has proactively asked that his son search for Ivy so she could eat with the family as he desires to support her art.

“I have told my sons to look for that girl so that she comes we have dinner. I want to encourage that young girl. I would see what I can do for her so that from my salary I can be able to boost her a little bit to be able to do something.”

A couple of days prior, Ivy Chelimo in an interview explained of how she came up with the nickname

She said that she didn’t expect that the name would go viral.

Chelimo said she thought of the DP’s epithet by chance as she followed the proceedings of the televised deputy presidential debate, days before the General Elections.

She was cheerful when DP Gachagua used the moniker to allude to himself during a lunch meeting held at State House, Nairobi following his inaguration.

Ivy was invited to the State House lunch after the swearing-in function that went down on Monday, September 13 at Moi Sports complex Kasarani.