“Fundisha Bibilia Achana Na Mimi”:Pastor Kanyari Angrily Lectures Pastor Tee For Bashing Him

Kenyan controversial preacher Pastor Kanyari has sternly responded to Pastor Tee Mwangi, who recently questioned Kanyari’s legitimacy as a man of God. In a heated TikTok live session, Kanyari criticized Pastor Tee, advising him to focus on preaching the Gospel rather than meddling in his affairs.

Kanyari warned Pastor Tee to stop questioning his divine calling, asserting that Pastor Tee was not present when he received his calling to preach. He emphasized that Pastor Tee’s accusations are baseless as he was not a witness to his spiritual journey.

Furthermore, Kanyari threatened legal action against Pastor Tee Mwangi, claiming that he has the power to sue him. He noted that everyone, including pastors, is different, and that people, including congregations, will never be the same. He cautioned Pastor Tee to stay out of his ministry work.

“Pastor Tee says I am bad. Instead of accusing me, why don’t you pray for me? You say I’m a comedian. Where were you when I was called by God? Were you with me when I received my calling? And was I with you when you received yours? Why do you stand to accuse me? You should focus on teaching the Bible and leave Kanyari alone. If I want, I can put you behind bars. You don’t know who I am,” Kanyari asserted angrily.

“I know I am a man of God. We don’t have to be the same. My congregation will never be your congregation, and your congregation will never accept me. Focus on your own flock; you are struggling with yours and yet you talk about mine,” Kanyari stated with frustration.

This heated exchange follows Pastor Tee Mwangi’s recent declaration that Kanyari is more of a content creator than a genuine man of God. This accusation came after a viral TikTok video showed Kanyari receiving controversial gifts during a church sermon.