” From a Beggar to A Millionaire, I Pay My Mum On Weekly Basis” Vincent Mboya.

Vincent Mboya, a well-known and somewhat controversial Kenyan YouTuber, has recently announced that he is now a millionaire, with over Ksh.1 million in his bank account. In an interview with 2mbili TV, Mboya expressed his gratitude for achieving such success at a young age, in his early 20s, through his content creation.

Mboya’s YouTube channel has garnered over 150K followers, but his journey to success was not without its challenges. He began as a beggar, struggling to make ends meet and even requiring the assistance of well-known radio personality Jalang’o to pay his rent in early 2022. Unfortunately, Mboya’s decision to exploit Jalang’o’s name for publicity purposes drew a lot of criticism and animosity from the public and other celebrities alike, with Krg and Butita even insulting him publicly and causing him to sink into depression.

Despite the setbacks, Mboya persevered and decided to capitalize on the small following he had gathered to start a YouTube channel. He found support from Kenyan viewers, and over the course of a year, his subscriber count increased significantly, leading to a surge in income from his videos.

As a result of his newfound wealth, Mboya has been able to transform his mother’s lifestyle, providing her with a generous weekly allowance for her upkeep. He also plans to purchase his first car and explore other investment opportunities. Through YouTube, Mboya has gone from being a beggar to a millionaire, and his life has been completely transformed.