Ford ‘F-150 Lightning trim’ no longer available for Customer orders

Ford made waves last week with the commencement of orders for the 2024 F-150 Lightning, marking a significant step in the electric vehicle realm as the trucks started shipping from the Rouge Electric Vehicle plant.

In a surprising move, Ford introduced lower prices for several trims, notably the 2024 Lightning XLT starting at $62,995, a $2,000 drop from expectations. However, conspicuously absent from the lineup was the entry-level Pro Lightning trim, which was available in the previous model year, starting at $54,995.

Currently, on Ford’s website, the most affordable 2024 Lightning trim offered is the XLT, with the lower-priced Pro trim still accessible from the 2023 model year and for commercial customers via Ford Pro.

This year, Ford introduced the new “Flash” trim, touted to encompass all the desirable features. It boasts an extended-range battery, a tech-packed interior, and the addition of a heat pump for enhanced comfort.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning TrimInitial Starting PriceNew Starting PriceDifferenceRange (EPA-est miles)
Platinum Black$92,995$92,9950300

(*Prices exclude $2,095 destination fee)

The Flash model also comes equipped with Ford’s Tow Tech Package featuring Smart Hitch Assist and Power Tailgate, now starting at $67,995, down $5,500 from its original $73,495.

Other enhancements for the 2024 Lightning include the introduction of a Vapor Heat Pump System for optimized efficiency, an updated charging speed display with session status and estimated completion time, and the inclusion of features like Ford’s Tow Tech Package as standard on XLT trims and above, along with Pro Power Onboard and a walk away lock function. Additionally, Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving feature is now available on select trims.

In an unexpected turn, despite an 80% year-over-year surge in Q1 sales to 7,743 units, Ford downsized its workforce by one-third earlier this month at the Rouge EV plant where the Lightning is produced.

Electrek observes that it’s surprising for Ford to eliminate its cheapest F-150 Lightning trim for 2024 after reducing production. While the new Flash model integrates sought-after features from other trims, its $67,995 starting price still significantly exceeds the $49,995 for the 2023 Pro model.

With competitors like Tesla’s Cybertruck and the Chevy Silverado EV entering the market, the trajectory of Lightning sales throughout the year remains an intriguing prospect. Additionally, Rivian is revamping its operations to enhance cost-efficiency and profitability by year-end.

For those considering a Ford electric pickup, now might be an opportune time to purchase. Alongside reduced trim prices, Ford is offering substantial incentives to facilitate inventory movement. You can explore deals on 2023 and 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning models at a dealership near you through our provided link.