In 2013, Sonko and Caroline Mutoko
had a bitter exchange in what went
down as one of the biggest scandals
of this decade. It was radio gold, a radio

queen versus a
politician who had received god-like reverence
from his fans.It all started as a standard
presenter-politician conversation that
escalated to a scandalous squabble after
Caroline Mutoko asked for a long-term sustainable solution to the problems of people
other than settling bills for women in
Pumwani. “What is the plan ya kesho, kesho-
kutwa ya hawa watu?” she asked. Sonko responded by saying that his plan was
to continue assisting people saying “When
they come to see me I must give them money.” Discontented with the response, Carol asked
him what happens in the future, does he have
any plans to empower his people in order to
prepare them for the future, for when he is
gone. A question that had Sonko worked up and
Caroline cackling away in amusement. An act
that further infuriated the already enraged
senator who yelled” “I think you are either
under the influence of something or working
for someone, you are manner-less you also smoke cigarettes all the time!”” Before screaming out these insults “Wewe
kwenda! Wewe mjinga kumbaff! I am going to
deal with you and Chipukeezy.” I will deal with
your personally! Wewe nyege zako na sigara
zako peleka huko Carnivore!”  The angry Senator then  cut off her call,
leaving in his wake, a story made for tabloids.

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