Flaqo and Keranta address viral pregnancy rumours -

Flaqo and Keranta address viral pregnancy rumours

Digital content creators, Flaqo and Keranta, have been forced to address rumors about their relationship status after a series of TikTok users started spinning claims that the couple was expecting their first child. The rumors were fueled by speculation about Keranta’s recent weight gain, new fashion choice of wearing baggy t-shirts, and her lack of full-body pictures posted on social media.

In response, the couple made a video together addressing the rumors, with Keranta candidly asking Flaqo, “Do I look pregnant really?” Her boyfriend, who is known for his comedic flair, jokingly responded, “Do you?”

Keranta went on to confirm that she was not pregnant, stating, “Seriously, I’m just gaining weight, but I’m not pregnant and I’m not going to be any time soon. Please guys stop. Every time I post on my socials people are like ‘congratulations in advance,’ and I’m like stop it!” Flaqo echoed her statement, affirming that his girlfriend is not pregnant.

The two laughed about the whole situation, with Flaqo jokingly asking Keranta to show off her belly to dispel the rumors. However, Keranta refused to fulfill his request.

The rumors started just three days after the couple announced their relationship on their social media pages as they celebrated their third anniversary. Flaqo posted a heartfelt message to Keranta, while she shared funny and cute videos and pictures of the two of them.

In conclusion, it appears that the rumors about Flaqo and Keranta’s relationship status were just unfounded speculation, and the couple continues to enjoy each other’s company.