Flamboyant Miraa Farmer in Kenya Who Owns 12 Private Jets

The list of a few who dominate the skies with their own planes includes business gurus, politicians, corporate executives, and some people from abroad. 

Among the few Kenyans with private jets is a flamboyant Miraa exporter who reportedly doesn’t shy away from splashing cash on the ‘exclusive’ planes.

Now,muranganews explores the Kenyan Miraa trader, who owns a number of private jets. 

Details of the Miraa farmer, who possesses several private jets 

This happens to be Musa Gurian, a well-known miraa trader who mostly operates within Kenya and Somalia. 

local news outlet reports that the Miraa farmer is just among a few Kenyans who own private jets. The most interesting part is that Musa Gurian has at least 12 private jets.

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Several private Jets at an airport: PHOTO COURTESY

The report further states that Musa uses most of his jets (mostly Cessnas and Pipers) for exporting his Miraa products abroad. This gives him a huge advantage, as he can transport huge bulks of Miraa outside Kenya within a very short period of time.

Musa Gurian, a farmer, is in a league of his own has beaten odds on the local and international fronts as he can transport Miraa across the world efficiently and fast.

His business has thrived over the years, placing him as one of the wealthiest miraa farmers in Kenya.