“Fans Troll Me When I Sing In English” – Diamond Platnumz says -

“Fans Troll Me When I Sing In English” – Diamond Platnumz says

Diamond Platnumz expresses his frustration with the occasional disapproval he faces from his Tanzanian fans for incorporating English into some of his songs. He reflects on the dichotomy he encounters, as fans expect him to achieve international success while simultaneously criticizing his English-language tracks. He emphasizes that his fans consistently appreciate his Swahili songs.

The founder of Wasafi, Diamond Platnumz, goes on to highlight the significant role Swahili music plays in limiting the global reach of East African artists. He underscores that embracing English in their music, to some extent, facilitated Rayvanny’s international breakthrough. Diamond reveals that initially, Rayvanny was hesitant about singing in English, but he encouraged and guided him to explore this avenue.

Diamond emphasizes that creating English-language songs is pivotal in helping artists like Rayvanny gain international recognition. He stresses that artists should remember that their music reaches audiences beyond Swahili-speaking regions, and catering to a broader, global audience is essential.

In his pursuit of international success, Diamond Platnumz acknowledges the challenges artists face. He highlights the importance of cultivating a substantial African fan base as a crucial stepping stone towards global recognition. He also acknowledges the existence of platforms that may not be financially rewarding initially but are essential for artists to persistently pursue their international goals.