Famous and Broke: Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze Relocates Back To The Village to Hustle.

Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker, and the one who made the song to go viral, Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze caused stir online, after she shared a video of her back to her roots, which is upcountry, to try and hustle atleast.

This comes after Ngesh and the crew opened up on being broke, and unable to pay their bills, because they were financially unstable. The crew revealed that famous politicians such as Mike Sonko and Karen Nyamu, gave them fake promises that have never been fulfilled till to date.

Despite being famous and having a hitsong with over 4.2 Million views on YouTube, they haven’t even earned a single shilling from it. They have also not been getting shows or brand deals, and this is among the things that have made them to remain more broke despite being famous.

In a viral video online, Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze has relocated back to Nyandarua, her matrimonial home, to hustle, and maybe atleast reset and refresh her mind. In the video the singer is scene washing clothes, and saying the viral “Mwalimu wa math slogan”.

” Enyewe Mwalimu wa maths alisema sitaenda mbali” Ngesh is had saying as she washes clothes. It has been revealed that the hitmaker has relocated back to upcountry, and maybe if things goes well soon, she might return to Nairobi again.
It is a festive season , a season whereby most musicians get more gigs, but for Ngesh things seem to be different. They aren’t getting shows despite them releasing songs, and this made her to just go back to the village.