Eve Mungai: If I Ever get Employed nitakufa, I know Worth well

Eve Mungai, one of Kenya’s most prominent and rapidly growing content creators, recently expressed her firm stance against seeking employment. In an interactive session with her fans, she shared that her self-worth and purpose are significant factors that contribute to her aversion to traditional employment.

She stated, “I can never agree to be employed. Firstly, because I recognize my own value, and secondly, because I have numerous goals that I believe I would not be able to achieve if I were employed. Pursuing a conventional job does not align with my calling.”

Eve Mungai, renowned for her exceptional ability to provide firsthand information through her content, also emphasized that she believes God did not intend for her to be an employee. She acknowledged that while employment may suit some individuals, she feels a different path has been chosen for her.

With an impressive following of approximately 680,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and 332,000 followers on Facebook, these platforms serve as the primary outlets for her content creation.

During the Q&A session, Eve Mungai additionally revealed that she is contemplating returning to school in September, suggesting the possibility of further academic pursuits.