Eve Mungai finds new Boyfriend Months after dumping Her EX-Director Trevor

Content creator Mungai Eve has hinted that she is not single.The former partner of Director Trevor revealed this in response to a fan’s question in a recent social media post. When asked if she had a partner or was single, Eve promptly clarified, “I am not single.”

In February, Director Trevor announced their breakup and took sole ownership of their previously shared social media accounts. Despite their separation, both have chosen not to disclose the reasons behind their split, which had garnered both praise and criticism during their time together.

Since the breakup, Mungai Eve has moved on and created new social media accounts that have quickly gained a substantial following. Last month, while in Dubai, the 23-year-old discussed her split from Trevor, expressing that she harbors no ill feelings.

“Everything happens for a reason. I thank God every day; I am a very grateful person. Where I am now, I am very grateful. Without dwelling much on the past, I can say that certain things happen in life for the better. I wouldn’t want to dwell much on that because it’s in the past, but I can say I am a happy girl,” Eve shared.

When asked if she is currently dating, Eve responded, “For now, I am in a better place, and when the right time comes, and I feel I can share that part of my life with my online family, I will.”