Eric Omondi Promises to Bail Out Brian Chira If He Apologizes to Azziad Nasenya

Eric Omondi has made a commitment to secure the release of well-known influencer Brian Chira from custody under one condition: if he issues a sincere apology to Tik Toker and radio presenter Azziad Nasenya.

During a media interaction, Eric Omondi expressed his belief that Brian Chira’s arrest for defaming Azziad was justifiable, as it would serve as a deterrent to others who engage in similar behavior.

Eric Omondi highlighted the prevalent issue of cyberbullying on social media platforms, where individuals often target and torment others without facing any repercussions. He emphasized that the victims of such online harassment ultimately suffer the consequences.

Furthermore, Eric Omondi strongly condemned Chira’s act of sharing Azziad’s personal contact details on social media, emphasizing the potential threats it poses to her safety and security.

Despite being disappointed with Chira’s actions, Eric Omondi expressed his desire not to see him imprisoned. Instead, he pledged to support Chira if he commits to reforming his behavior.

Eric Omondi made a firm promise to bail Chira out of jail on the condition that he sincerely apologizes to Azziad. Additionally, he intends to present Chira with a contract to serve as an ambassador against cyberbullying, urging him to advocate for a safer online environment.

Chira’s arrest stemmed from his use of derogatory language and defamatory remarks against Azziad Nasenya during a TikTok live session.