Eric Omondi: Details Of My Fancy Ugly Big Red Boots That Cost Sh 44,000

Comedian Eric Omondi recently shared a snapshot donning what appears to be MSCHF’s renowned Big Red Boots, priced at $350 (equivalent to 43,942.50 Kenyan Shilling). He joyfully announced the arrival of his latest fashion acquisitions, emphasizing their swift delivery within three working days.

Originally crafted by MSCHF, a creative collective based in New York, these eye-catching boots made their debut in early February 2023 and have rapidly gained global popularity. The Big Red Boots have become a sensation on the internet, establishing themselves as the freshest addition to fashionable wardrobes. Notable personalities such as Lil Wayne, Lil Yachty, and Adam Sandler have contributed to the boots’ rising prominence by showcasing their oversized, cartoonish design. These boots are now deemed a must-have in the fashion world, according to many enthusiasts. MSCHF, known for its diverse artistic productions, describes these boots as “cartoon boots for a cool 3D world.”

The boots embody a concept that bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Constructed from rubber, they offer a smooth and bouncy sensation. Despite the $350 price tag, considered by some as extravagant, many regard it as a justified expense for the sake of making a bold fashion statement. The public will have the opportunity to purchase the MSCHF boots starting February 16th.

Online reactions to the boots are mixed, with some likening them to iconic cartoon characters like Pac-Man and Astro Boy. A social media user, Nova Kane, humorously suggested pairing the boots with Mickey Mouse gloves. Even WWE professional wrestler Seth Rollins embraced the trend by wearing the Big Red Boots during a recent match.

As curiosity swirls around the practicality of styling and walking in these distinctive boots, social media user and photographer Jaadiee has captivated online audiences with his unique approach to showcasing the Pac-Man boots. While some individuals are still grappling with the boots’ status as a groundbreaking fashion statement, others eagerly anticipate flaunting them on the streets.

A word of caution circulates online: these boots may adhere to your feet, so it’s advisable to wear grip socks for a secure and comfortable experience.