Entertainer Samidoh accused of domestic violence by his baby mama Karen Nyamu -

Entertainer Samidoh accused of domestic violence by his baby mama Karen Nyamu

Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, has once again found himself in the spotlight, but this time for unfortunate reasons. Allegations of domestic violence have surfaced against him, brought forth by city lawyer Karen Nyamu, also known as the youth president. According to Karen Nyamu, who is reportedly three months pregnant with the musician’s child, an unsettling incident unfolded where Samidoh intruded into her residence uninvited, subjecting her to physical harm during the late hours of the previous night.

Nyamu recounted that she sought refuge in the confines of a bathroom within her bedroom, attempting to shield herself from the distressing episode. However, her attempts were in vain as the musician located her and subjected her to a barrage of physical assaults, verbal abuse, and hair-pulling, leaving her with a visible black eye as a result of his uncontrolled anger.

The lawyer further claimed that Samidoh’s outburst of violence stemmed from unfounded jealousy. Allegedly, he accused her of engaging in relationships with other men while she was away on a business trip to Mombasa. Karen Nyamu took to her Instagram Live to address the incident, asserting that she was diligently working during her time away, clarifying that her professional colleagues were of diverse genders. She emphasized that mere associations with male colleagues did not equate to romantic involvements.

The distressing incident unfolded before Nyamu’s firstborn daughter, who was subjected to the traumatizing sight and sounds of the ordeal. Regrettably, the aggression has left a lasting impact on the young child. Karen Nyamu expressed gratitude that her second-born son, fathered by Samidoh, was asleep during the altercation, sparing him from witnessing the distressing scene. It was reported that the musician had also damaged Nyamu’s expensive phone, claiming she had used it to communicate flirtatiously with other men. Nyamu stated her intent to hold him financially responsible for the phone’s repair.

In response to the allegations, Karen Nyamu announced her decision to pursue legal action, indicating that she is determined to set a precedent that discourages other men from resorting to violence against women. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how events will transpire in this matter.