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Easter Tragedy: 45 people die in a road accident, 8-year-old child survives

More than forty individuals en route to Easter festivities in the northern region of South Africa tragically lost their lives on Thursday evening following a devastating bus accident.

Reportedly, the bus, bearing Botswana number plates, was transporting pilgrims from Botswana to Moria, a town situated in Limpopo, one of South Africa’s northern provinces, as per Sky News.

The Ministry of Transport issued a statement indicating that the accident occurred when the bus driver lost control while negotiating a sharp bend near Mamatlakala. Regrettably, the bus crashed through the barriers on a bridge, plummeting to the ground where it burst into flames upon impact.

Among the 45 fatalities were passengers and the driver himself. Only one survivor, an eight-year-old girl, was rescued from the wreckage and is currently undergoing medical treatment in a hospital.

Crime scene investigators discovered several bodies severely burnt beyond recognition, while others remained trapped amidst the debris, with some scattered around the accident site.

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa extended condolences to Botswana and pledged support in the aftermath of the tragedy. Such incidents, it appears, occur frequently during the Easter season as Christian pilgrims journey to Limpopo, South Africa.

Elsewhere, in Kenya, President William Ruto conveyed a message of hope amidst the challenges faced during this season.

He remarked, “There is no aspect of life, no place or time, devoid of its share of hardships, deprivations, and setbacks. The Easter message of hope acknowledges the existence of burdens and trials that we must confront.”

President Ruto expressed confidence that by embracing the values exemplified by Jesus Christ, Kenyans could overcome their challenges. He emphasized the importance of solidarity, integrity, and efficiency, asserting that with a concerted plan of action, the nation could navigate even the most formidable obstacles and establish a firm foundation for present and future generations to thrive.