DRAMA:LIMURU Man Caught Having Sex With A Sheep -
LIMURU: Man Caught Having Sex With A Sheep
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DRAMA:LIMURU Man Caught Having Sex With A Sheep

Bestiality on The Rise, there was drama in Kiambu county Limuru Town ,this is after a man who is said to be, A conductor by the name Michael Mwangi who operates within the town, was caught red handed while having sex with a sheep .

Residents beat him up like a burukenge at least to teach him a lesson and some manners. The said man however never showed any remorse of what he did. He talks of how he enjoyed that moment while it lasted, of course that was before he was caught in the act!. Michael goes furher to explain how the sheep was beautiful to him.

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He however tries to justify his doings by claiming how ladies in his areas have deserted him.

“Nilisikia tu kifeeling kimekujia na since most of the ladies wamenikataa nkaona hii kondoo ikiwa na sura nzuri …nisameheeni ni utamu tu nlikuwa nataka…” Michael confessed in kikuyu as the rowdy crowd rained on him with kicks and blows.

The sheep will be under doctor’s supervision for one week before it can be released back to the owner, but according to the residents he has to buy the said sheep. !

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