Drama In Murang’a As Man Loses Two Teeth Fighting For His Share Of 2k Allegedly Dished Out By Raila.

A Murang’a man is currently nursing serious injuries after engaging in a fist fight with his colleagues over a share of Ksh 2,000 allegedly dished out by Raila Odinga in Murang’a.

Zachary Irungu, 29, is said to have be rattled by his friends decision to give him Ksh 200 instead of an equal share of Ksh 1,000 each.

According to eyewitnesses, Zachary and his friend were heard arguing on the share and moments later started raining heavy blows on each other.

“We heard the commotion at Ihura’s main gate and went to check. That’s when we found this twoo fighting over the share of what they said was cash given by Raila’s team,” a resident commented.

Raila had toured the town to popularise his Azimio La Umoja to Murang’a county where we he had been in company of key dignitaries from the county and the larger Mt Kenya Region.