Drama at JAKOYO MIDIWO’s burial as chaos erupt
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Drama at JAKOYO MIDIWO’s burial as chaos erupt

There was drama in Gem during the internment service of former MP Jakoyo Midiwo on Saturday.

This is after grievers who had flocked the grounds to view the body were blocked for flouting Covid-19 measures.

A cop could be heard requesting the mourners keep distance before been teargas to scatter the group and that’s when hell broke loose.

The body of the former lawmaker was offloaded from an airplane at around 10:30 AM.Residents in the area could be heard crying and grieving the deceased.

The coffin was then sanitized before it was taken to the house of the first wife where just six people were permitted in.

It was later taken to the second spouse’s home at around 11 AM for prayers prior to being moved to the school grounds where the service is taking place.

Midiwo kicked the bucket on Monday, June 14, at the Nairobi Hospital.

He had been taken ill to the hospital on Saturday, June 12. The doctors noted that his blood pressure was low and admitted him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).