Drama as a Man Discovers His Crush Is Married Mother of 3 at Graduation Ceremony

There was drama at a recent TTC graduation in South Nyanza when a man discovered that the lady he had been wooing for two years was already married and had three kids.

The chaos erupted during a photo session a few minutes after the graduates had marched. The smitten man went to look for his lady, only to find her posing with three children and a muscular man.

At first, Joshua thought Phil couldn’t hear him calling her because of the noise, but in reality, she was deliberately ignoring him, hoping he would get the hint and leave.

When I went closer, she whispered to me to go away but promised to come and see me later. I couldn’t believe she was not interested in me. It was the first time she acted that way. When I insisted on taking pictures with her, the man she was with (her husband) came and shoved me aside, asking what was going on,” Joshua recounted, heartbroken.

“As I was walking away, one of the kids ran to her and said, ‘Mommy, I want ice pop, buy me one’. That’s when it dawned on me that she was a mother. How could I have missed that? I dated a mother of three for two years without knowing. I even sacrificed part of my money to pay her fees and buy her meals and teaching practice supplies. I was hoping she was my true soulmate,” he added.

According to the woman, she never considered Joshua to be her boyfriend.

“My assumption was that he was just a nice guy to me, and I reciprocated that by being a good friend, always ready to hang out with him. But not for romantic reasons. I didn’t know he had a crush on me. I have a family; he should move on,” Phil said.

The story has since gone viral and has sparked mixed reactions, with many people wondering how a man can be close to a woman for nearly two years but fail to realise she is married and a mother of three.

Others said that if a person is secretive, then it can be hard for you to know some aspects of their life.

One TikTok user commented, saying she almost fell for a man who was married but never told her.

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