"Mtu Alijaribu Nikampea Mimba"

“Don’t tempt me” : Samidoh tells lady after dancing suggestively for him “Mtu Alijaribu Nikampea Mimba”

Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy samidoh had to prevent a female fan from dancing suggestively next to him while on stage .

” usituletee temptations kwa hii kazi . mimi nme take after guka yangu , sikujangi number mzuri . mwenye alini karibia hivo Mara ya nwisho , sahii ana nyonyesha ” , he told her .

Samidoh gave the woman ksh 1,000 and asked her to leave the stage before he impregnated her . This happened after samidoh impregnated Karen nyamu who wants to battle for the seat of Nairobi women representative under UDA party .

Samidoh who leaves with his first opened up his heart and told the lady to stop temptations that she brought to him on the stage . samidoh gave the woman a 1,000 note and requested that she leaves the stage since she was driving him insane .