Dj Mo is starving me sexually Singer Size 8 claims

During a captivating episode of the reality TV show Dine with the Murayas, the spotlight turned to the couple as they tackled questions about their marital challenges. The audience was drawn in when Mo chose a particular question that shed light on Size 8’s distressing revelation about a three-week period of sexual deprivation.

Mo lightheartedly responded to Size 8’s complaint, exclaiming, “Why are you bringing up something that shouldn’t be discussed on TV? We can talk about it privately instead of making it a public matter.”

Size 8 went on to express her dissatisfaction, revealing that she and Mo had gone without intimacy for three weeks, pointing the blame at her husband for the drought. She also accused Mo of prioritizing his time with friends over their relationship.

“Babe, it’s been three weeks since we last had sex in this house, and it’s your fault. Whenever I call you, I don’t know if you’re out with your friends or doing who knows what,” Size 8 voiced her frustration.

In response, DJ Mo explained that his absence was due to his relentless pursuit of providing for their growing family. He emphasized the importance of hustling when times are tough, saying, “You know, when things get tough in this household, it becomes an issue if you don’t work hard.” He couldn’t fathom neglecting his responsibilities.

The audience was left astounded by the couple’s conflicting perspectives, raising questions about their differing priorities and communication strategies.