Disabled Man Working in Europe Sends Girlfriend Ksh2.7 Million to Buy a House, Only to Find Out She is Married to Another Man after Returning to Kenya

A man with a disability has made serious allegations against a woman in Mombasa, accusing her of deceiving him out of Sh2.7 million under the pretense of love.

In court proceedings on Friday, Ms. Rukia Suleiman entered a plea of not guilty to charges of fraudulently obtaining money and cheating.

According to the accusations, Ms. Suleiman allegedly misled Zula Abdallah Juma into giving her the money by promising to buy land and construct a house in Kiembeni.

It was revealed during the trial that the funds were acquired from Mr. Juma through deceptive means.

An investigation uncovered that Mr. Juma, residing in Holland, had been sending money to the accused, who was his fiancée, for the construction of the house. The couple had plans to live there after their imminent wedding, scheduled for the previous month.

Mr. Juma, expressing his distress to the authorities, stated, “I worked hard to build the house while in Holland. When I returned to Kenya last December for our wedding preparations, the suspect began avoiding me, finding reasons to stay away from the newly constructed house. Sometimes she would claim appointments in Kwale or Kilifi.”

Further inquiry revealed that Ms. Suleiman was already married to another man, and they were residing in the house allegedly financed by Mr. Juma.

Upon discovering that someone else was living in the house he had funded, Mr. Juma promptly reported the matter to the police.

Mr. Juma and Ms. Suleiman had reportedly been in a relationship since 2019 and had planned to marry last month.

Mr. Juma, who suffered a serious spinal injury due to an accident in Majengo, filed a complaint at Kiembeni Police Station under OB number 51/18/02/24.