Diana Marua over the moon as she becomes 1st female Kenyan artiste to hit 1 million subscribers

Kenyan artist Diana Marua, known as Diana B, has etched her name in history as the first female Kenyan artist to surpass the one-million-subscriber mark on YouTube, marking a significant achievement in her career.

Expressing her elation, Marua extended heartfelt gratitude to her dedicated fan base, acknowledging their unwavering support for her artistic endeavors. A jubilant video shared by Bahati captured the moment of triumph, showcasing Marua’s exuberant celebration at reaching this noteworthy milestone.

Diana Marua stands among the elite group of top-tier content creators and musicians who command a substantial following on YouTube. It’s noteworthy that Otile Brown was the inaugural male Kenyan artist to achieve the one-million-subscriber milestone on the platform.

In addition to Diana Marua’s accomplishment, several other musicians have garnered impressive YouTube subscriber counts:

  1. Zuchu (3.11 million subscribers): A Tanzanian Bongo musician acclaimed for her exceptional vocals and musical heritage, signed under Wasfi Records.
  2. Yemi Alade (2.32 million subscribers): Renowned Nigerian musician with a captivating voice, celebrated for collaborations with global artists and distinctive music and dance styles.
  3. Sinachi (2.18 million subscribers): A Nigerian gospel musician recognized for her soul-stirring vocals in songs praising the divine.
  4. Ada Ehi (1.74 million subscribers): A Nigerian gospel musician and songwriter, famous for the hit song “Only You Jesus.”
  5. Arya Starr (1.55 million subscribers): A rising star in the music scene, particularly noted for the hit single “Rush.”
  6. Tiwa Savage (1.36 million subscribers): A seasoned Nigerian musician acclaimed for her hit song “Somebody’s Son.”
  7. Nandy (1.22 million subscribers): A performer known for consistently delivering hit songs and boasting a global fan base.
  8. Rose Muhando (1.13 million subscribers): Acknowledged as the “Queen of Gospel,” Rose Muhando has left an indelible mark on the gospel music industry.
  9. Guchi (1.03 million subscribers): A Nigerian musician recognized for her love for the color purple, distinctive voice, and emotive singing.
  10. Diana Marua (1 million subscribers): Demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of criticism, Marua has achieved the one-million-subscriber milestone within a decade of entering the industry, solidifying her status as a tenacious artist.