Diana Marua Nanny Reveals She’s Paid Ksh 100K As Monthly Salary -

Diana Marua Nanny Reveals She’s Paid Ksh 100K As Monthly Salary

Bahati and Diana Marua have been hosting their housekeeper, Irene Nekesa, for several years now. The couple has not only treated Irene as their employee, but also as a member of their own family. They have been showering her with gifts and even helped her secure advertising deals.

During an interview on Gumzo la Sato, Irene spoke highly of her relationship with the Maruas. “I’ve been with them for years now and I would give them a 90% rating for the love they have shown me. They are truly good people and have taught me how to make money. Another employer would not have given me the same opportunities,” she said.

Irene, who is a mother of two, currently lives with her son at the Marua’s residence.

She also offered some advice to other housekeepers and employers, stating that communication is crucial in maintaining a positive relationship. “It’s important not to show negativity towards your housekeeper, as this could impact their behavior towards the children. Instead, talk to them respectfully and privately. For example, Diana always greets me, calls me aside if there is an issue, and never confronts me in front of the kids. This is a sign of respect, and the children will learn to respect the housekeeper too,” she said.

Thanks to the support of Bahati and Diana, Irene has become a successful social media influencer with a following of over 100,000 people.