Diana Marua Househelp Reveals The Family Uses 30k Daily

The content producer and brand influencer Diana Marua is renowned for her close bond with her nannies. Most of the videos she uploads show her treating them all equally and with affection.

Diana recently posted a video to her YouTube account in which she and her nannies were discussing their daily time spent at home.

For food and other necessities, her nannies demand no less than Ksh 10,000 each day, she said.

Irene, the top house manager, responded to her question about spending by saying the mansion’s bloated size necessitates a hefty budget.

Diana Marua Househelp

To the tune of Ksh 30,000 every day, if they buy all the food, detergent, water, power, and other necessities they need.

By the way, Mama Heaven, kusema ukweli siwezi danganya,” she added. Hii urembo yote na wewe ni auntie madoo; ju hii nyumba ni kubwa. For example: “Kusema tu ukweli kwa hii nyumba tuna spend kama 30k per day.”

By the way, I can’t tell you anything but the truth, Mama Heaven. You’re stunning, you have a lot of money, and you live in a spacious mansion. Honestly, every day at this house costs us about Ksh 30,000.

When asked about this, Diana replied that it just goes to show how blessed she is. She expressed gratitude to her audience for supporting her career with their attention and time.

After finishing their meal together, they said their goodbyes.

Start at minute 6 to hear this part of their talk, then start at minute 8 to hear Irene’s statement.