Diamond Speaks On Whether He Plans To Chew Ugandan Singer Spice Diana -

Diamond Speaks On Whether He Plans To Chew Ugandan Singer Spice Diana

Diamond and other East African artists, including Nameless, are currently in Kampala, Uganda, for an event. However, during a press briefing before the event, a Ugandan journalist expressed concerns about Diamond’s collaboration with Spice Diana and speculated about their relationship.

The journalist questioned Diamond, saying, “I shared on social media that you are in Kampala and doing a song with Spice Diana. My friends were worried that you might take advantage of her. They suggested that even before the song is released, you would have moved on to someone else. Yesterday, you also mentioned the possibility of another woman here, implying that you’re looking for another baby mama. Is it just a fling, or are you searching for a long-term partner?”

In response, Diamond clarified that he and Spice Diana were only collaborating on a song. He mentioned that Spice Diana had visited his home in Tanzania before and that he considered her to be like a sister.

However, Diamond emphasized that he doesn’t invest too much in relationships without any intentions. He asserted that if anything were to happen between them, it would be God’s doing.

“We’re just going to work on a song, nothing more. Spice Diana has been to Tanzania before. I’m not looking to take advantage of her. She has visited my home and my office when she came to collaborate with my artist, Zuchu. She is a nice and kind person. Whatever happens between us will not be my responsibility or hers; it will be up to God. As far as I’m concerned, we are like brother and sister. But I must admit, she’s not a bad person to have a child with; she’s cute. If you see me investing a lot in a woman, then you can expect a baby later on. I don’t do anything for free,” Diamond explained.

On Tuesday, Diamond hinted that he was open to meeting new people in Uganda. He encouraged women to approach him, revealing that he currently doesn’t have a partner.

“I am a Muslim man entitled to have four wives, but right now, I don’t even have one. So, ladies, the ball is in your court,” the singer said.

This statement, however, contradicted his recent Instagram post where he announced that his fiancée would be giving birth in January.

“Diamond wrote on Instagram, ‘Let’s meet in January when my fiancée will be delivering.'”

Overall, Diamond clarified that his collaboration with Spice Diana was purely professional, emphasizing their friendship. He also expressed his openness to new relationships but highlighted that he doesn’t take them lightly.