Diamond Platnumz explains storyline of new song 'Zuwena' goes viral -

Diamond Platnumz explains storyline of new song ‘Zuwena’ goes viral

In just 11 hours, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’s latest release, ‘Zuwena,’ managed to surpass one million views. The song portrays the story of a woman named Zuwena, who faces a difficult life after losing her spouse. According to Platnumz, the song depicts the dissatisfaction of Zuwena’s brother-in-law, who is unhappy with her and the way she has been living her life.

The lyrics of the song reflect a brother-in-law’s telepathic conversation with his deceased brother about the changes he has noticed in Zuwena’s character. These include her spending habits, lack of support for her mother-in-law, and a promiscuous lifestyle. Despite the fact that the song was recorded four years ago, it has become an instant hit.

The song’s popularity is evident in its tremendous success on YouTube, with over 5.2 million views in just six days of being uploaded. Currently, ‘Zuwena’ is trending at number one in Kenya, a testament to the massive appeal of Diamond Platnumz’s music.