Diamond Platnumz Brother Romy Jons Reveals Praying For 3 Straight Months

Romeo Abdul Jones, also known as DJ Romy Jones, recently announced his milestone achievement of eight years of sobriety. Notably, he is the brother of the renowned Tanzanian music artist Diamond Platnumz. DJ Romy shared that his journey towards sobriety was marked by a profound spiritual transformation, recounting how he fervently prayed to God for three consecutive months to overcome his alcohol addiction.

In a candid online interview, DJ Romy opened up about the escalating severity of his addiction, which had begun to jeopardize both his career and reputation back in 2016. He reflected on how excessive drinking had become a prevalent aspect of his life, often leading to late nights and mornings returning home from clubs, to the dismay of observing children who recognized him as Diamond’s brother. Realizing the detrimental impact his habits were having, particularly on his familial image, DJ Romy turned to prayer as his saving grace.

Expressing gratitude for his eight years of sobriety, DJ Romy emphasized the importance of seeking divine intervention, especially when battling addiction. He clarified that his prayers weren’t solely focused on overcoming addiction but also on steering himself onto a more righteous path. This transformation extended beyond mere abstinence from alcohol, as DJ Romy consciously shed youthful behaviors that were deemed unhealthy.

Following in the footsteps of his brother, DJ Romy has emerged as a significant influencer within his country. His talents have taken him beyond Tanzanian borders, with performances in renowned venues such as Dubai and the USA, showcasing his prowess both as a DJ and an artist.