Diamond Announces Decision To Replace Rayvanny At Wasafi Records 

In a heartfelt tribute video shared on his social media, the renowned Bongo singer expressed his gratitude towards his former boss and reminisced about some of the memorable moments he experienced during his time with Wasafi. Diamond, in his emotional message, also revealed his plans to introduce a new artiste to the label in January 2024, as a replacement for Rayvanny.

Taking to his instastories, Diamond shared lengthy paragraphs, outlining his musical endeavors for the upcoming months. He announced that starting from July, he will be releasing his own music, including collaborations with artists from both Africa and beyond. He confidently assured his fans that his songs would dominate the music charts throughout this period, leading the way until the end of the year. However, Diamond mentioned that in January of the following year, he intends to take a short break from the spotlight and introduce his new artiste, who will carry the torch for WCB Wasafi.

Diamond expressed his willingness to provide opportunities not only to other Wasafi artistes but also to foreign artists whom he holds in high regard. Addressing some critics in the music industry who had ridiculed him for supposedly running out of creative ideas for good songs, Diamond firmly responded that he is poised to make a grand comeback, surpassing his previous accomplishments and making a significant impact on the international stage. He also acknowledged the importance of collaborating with Bongo artists, particularly during the upcoming Wasafi Festival, emphasizing the significance of such endeavors for his fellow Swahili-speaking audience. Diamond assured everyone that there would be an abundance of such collaborations.

Following Rayvanny’s departure from Wasafi, Diamond found himself with only three remaining artists under the label: Zuchu, Mbosso, and Lavalava. Among them, Zuchu and Mbosso are the ones who have thrived and are continuing the label’s rich legacy, establishing it as the premier music powerhouse in the region.