'Diamond amenishindia tu uchawi,' Ringtone Apoko claims !!

‘Diamond amenishindia tu uchawi,’ Ringtone Apoko claims !!

With regards to cash and living large I am way in front of him. Advise him to search me, the Kenyan money is more powerful than the Tanzanian currency.” – Ringtone

Ringtone has revealed that he is more well off than Tanzanian star, Diamond Platnumz. The always controversial artiste says the main thing Diamond has is many followers.

Talking solely to local news source he said;

“The only thing Diamond ananishinda ni followers na uchawi tu. When it comes to money and living large I am way ahead of him. Tell him to research me. The Kenyan currency is more powerful than the Tanzanian currency.”

Asked on whether he has at any point considered joining politics, Apoko reacted;

“I have more than 20 politicians friends but I am more influential than them. I thought by joining politics you become more influential but that is not the case.

Eric Omondi is more remarkable and powerful on the grounds that he has a bigger voice, Sauti Sol nawapenda pia yet I disdain how they love marinating ladies. Be that as it may, the impact they have is extremely huge contrasted with if they were politicians.”

His advice to any person who wants to join politics? “I cannot say whether I will vie or not but my advise would be your talent is more powerful than politics.”