Details of what caused the KDF chopper to crash and kill 10 soldiers in Kajiado

Details of what caused the KDF chopper to crash and kill 10 soldiers in Kajiado

Details have emerged on what caused the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) plane to crash in Kajiado County yesterday, killing 10 personnel.

The KDF Mi-171E Air Force plane crushed and burst into flares at Ol Tepesi area in Ngong, Kajiado County, killing 10 military officers on the spot while 13 others suffered serious injuries.

Sources inside the military affirmed that the mishap was caused by poor vision and dust which affected visibility.

The female pilot was reported to have experienced disorientation and loss of situational awareness, causing a brown-out, an in-flight visibility restriction, which affected landing thus crashing the plane.

As indicated by eye witnesses, the plane endeavored to land before the incident.

The witness further expressed that several soldiers who survived scrambled to the thick rope that was lowered down to the ground.

The scramble allegedly continued for more than 20 minutes before the plane tumbled and burst into flames.

“I witnessed death first-hand. We aided some of the survivors to the main road before they were ferried to private hospitals in Kiserian town,” an eyewitness stated.

As per the family member of one KDF soldier who lost his life in the plane accident, the official was an engineer and a military analyst.

“My uncle perished in the crash. He was among the trainers and a distinguished military servant.

“We are praying for peace for our family and the rest of KDF officers too,” the kin eulogised.