DeMathew’s first wife wins bitter fight over husband’s inheritance -

DeMathew’s first wife wins bitter fight over husband’s inheritance

Sarafina DeMathew, the original spouse of the late Benga music icon John DeMathew, has emerged victorious in a complex inheritance dispute, as confirmed by Carolyne DeMathew, John’s subsequent wife.

Sarafina held the position of John DeMathew’s initial wife, while Caroline assumed the role of his second spouse. Remarkably, the mutual understanding between the two wives has persisted following the musician’s untimely demise in a car accident four years ago. However, a family disagreement over the distribution of the singer’s estate erupted years later.

Caroline asserts that tensions between the two wives escalated in 2021 regarding the division of DeMathew’s earnings. Initially, his earnings were divided between them, but the situation underwent a shift after Caroline established her own YouTube channel.

Reportedly, Caroline’s access to her late husband’s computer was obstructed by Sarafina. After numerous attempts to mediate the issue through arbitration and discussions with Sarafina, Caroline ultimately resorted to legal action, seeking her reinstatement as a beneficiary of the inheritance. Frustrated by unsuccessful reconciliation efforts, she pursued legal intervention, with the primary question before the High Court revolving around the legal justification for Caroline’s exclusion from inheriting DeMathew’s assets.

On the recent fourth anniversary of DeMathew’s passing, Carolyne warmly reminisced about the late musician, describing him as a soft-spoken individual.

DeMathew’s Initial Spouse Triumphs in Contentious Battle for Husband’s Estate DeMathew’s First Wife Emerges Victorious in Intense Inheritance Dispute In response to a fan’s inquiry on Facebook regarding the ongoing legal proceedings, Carolyne commented, “Regarding the court matter, yes, she (Sarafina) emerged victorious, and as always, there’s a prevailing party and a less fortunate one.”

During the commemoration of DeMathew’s third anniversary, Carolynne disclosed that only a solitary friend of her late spouse continued to support her amidst a general abandonment.

Carolyne also communicated to their followers that she was evicted from the residence she once shared with her deceased husband. Expressing a wish for her late husband’s return to witness how his acquaintances turned their backs on her, she stated, “I solemnly affirm that Njogu was your confidant. He has maintained contact with me and your little Mathew, Simba.”

“I desire you could comprehend how your family treated me following your demise. They even expelled me from our residence, the place where I brought your son into the world.”

Subsequent to Carolyne’s statements, DeMathew’s initial wife has been sharing cryptic messages on social media. Recently, Sarafina expressed that some individuals construct an image of support while, in reality, they are attempting to weaken you.

“To my genuine well-wishers, enthusiasts, and friends of DeMathew, both his and mine, I’m in a positive and improved state,” she conveyed.