Dark Side Of Kikopei “Chicken Choma” Unmasked

If you have ever traveled along the Nairobi-Nakuru road then Kikopei centre is not new to you.

The Kikopey Nyama Choma Centre is a collection of roadside barbecued meat vendors along the highway between Naivasha and Nakuru. Travelers like to stop at this restaurant, which is called Nyama Choma in Swahili and translates to “Grilled Meat.” At the Kikopey Nyama Choma Center, which is 1 km away and situated on the outskirts of Gilgil Town, you may discover sizable pieces of soft and dry beef, lamb, and hog hanging as a showcase.

It began as a small, unremarkable commerce hub that attracted both domestic and international meat enthusiasts through a special strategy.

It has now been said that the people preparing this tasty meat are not preparing the legit Chicken but they are slaughtering Marabou stork, a wading bird. This was aired in KTN News. Pictures has surfaced online of a person slaughterimg the bird. Now you know, if you have any concern feel free to speak out. Share widely to inform others.