Cousin eater, KABI WA JESUS, pays for a billboard to announce his wife’s pregnancy yet he couldn’t afford 10K for a DNA test! (PHOTOs).

Content creator, Kabi Wa Jesus, and his wife Milly, are expecting their second child.

Kabi went beyond to make his expectant wife happy by paying for a billboard to announce her pregnancy.

The billboard was a surprise to his wife.

She could not hold back her tears after seeing the billboard.

Their family portrait was displayed on the huge billboard along a busy road in Runda, with his wife’s growing baby bump perfectly displayed.

Netizens are wondering how Kabi Wa Jesus can afford to pay for a billboard, yet he was struggling to pay Ksh 10,000 to do a DNA test to establish whether he is the biological father of Abby, the 7-year-old girl that he sired with his cousin.

Below are photos of how he announced his wife’s pregnancy in style.