Competition Tight: Karen Nyamu Reacts About Eddy Nderitu Pregnancy

Edday Nderitu, the spouse of Samidoh, created a commotion when she shared an image of herself on social media. In the photo, she was radiant and pregnant, dressed in a flowing white gown, cradling her baby bump and smiling radiantly during a photoshoot.

The experience of nurturing a life within you is an awe-inspiring act of creation that is unrivaled by any other gift. Edday succinctly captioned the photo with “#nothingbutprayers.”

However, once Edday posted a photo of Karen Nyamu’s baby bump, it didn’t take long for internet users to mock her. Some even teasingly urged her to hurry up and have a baby of her own.

This incident sparked a sense of competition among internet users, with some trolling Karen Nyamu for supposedly trying to compete with her “co-wife.”

The tension escalated when Edday celebrated her daughter’s first birthday earlier in the month.

Coincidentally, Karen Nyamu shared pictures of her child’s first birthday shortly after Edday had posted images of her youngest daughter on social media. Notably, Karen Nyamu’s child turned one on February 26, 2023, but she didn’t share any photos from the event until April 2, 2023, after Edday had already shared pictures of her own daughter’s birthday.

Karen Nyamu playfully shared her greetings on Muchoki’s Facebook page: “Alright, since you guys asked for it hehe. ‘Happy birthday, Neriah Muchoki.'”

Regarding Edday’s pregnancy photo from April 27, 2023, it was revealed that the image was actually quite old. Edday was wearing the same gown she had worn in a Throwback Thursday (TBT) photo she posted in September 2022 while embracing her pregnant belly and reminiscing about past times.

There were even rumors circulating that Edday and her friend Bernice Saroni had staged the baby bump photo as a means to provoke Karen Nyamu.

After Edday announced her fourth pregnancy, Saroni wasted no time in extending her heartfelt congratulations.