Comedian Eric Omondi KCSE Results Revealed:He Got an E in Maths and A in CRE.

Eric Omondi’s KCSE Results revealed an unexpected outcome, particularly in Mathematics, where he performed poorly.

During an interview with Obinna, Eric Omondi shared that he had the privilege of attending the prestigious Kisumu Boys High School.

Reflecting on his high school experience, Eric admitted that Mathematics posed the greatest challenge for him, struggling to grasp its concepts.

According to Eric, the subject seemed complex and unappealing, failing to capture his interest.

Eric Omondi revealed that he only began comprehending mathematics concepts two months prior to his KCSE exams during his final year of high school.

Consequently, he faced dismal results, receiving a disappointing E grade in Mathematics. His overall KCSE Results yielded a mean grade of C plain.

However, Eric excelled in CRE, obtaining an impressive A plain, which he considered his strongest subject.

“Bro, let me tell you, I got an E in Maths. It was strong, I couldn’t grasp anything; it was excessively complex,” Eric Omondi candidly expressed.

Regarding his university education, Eric Omondi gained admission to Daystar University, supported by his KCSE Results and his undeniable talent. However, he has yet to complete his degree.

Eric made a deliberate choice to prioritize his career, which has proven highly successful. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Additionally, he announced his plans to establish an arts school in the Roysambu area, anticipating that it will be a game-changer for aspiring artists.

As one of the most accomplished comedians in the country, Eric Omondi possesses the ability to mentor emerging talents, an endeavor that suits him perfectly. With his wealth and expertise, he can guide and inspire young comedians.

Currently, Eric is 40 years old, standing as a testament to his longevity and impact in the entertainment industry.