Church Cancels Wedding After Finding Out Bride Is Already Pregnant

A Pentecostal church in Nigeria has attracted attention for calling off a scheduled wedding upon learning that the bride was already pregnant.

The wedding, initially set for Saturday, November 25, was abruptly canceled, as indicated in a statement from the church’s leader. The decision was grounded in the church’s doctrine, which prohibits the solemnization of marriages for individuals who have breached the seventh commandment by engaging in premarital relations.

The church maintains a strict adherence to the principle that prospective brides should not be pregnant before the official church ceremony. This policy persists even after the completion of all traditional marriage requirements fulfilled by the groom with the bride’s family.

Sources close to the incident reveal that a pregnancy test was administered on the bride-to-be, leading to the revelation of her pregnancy. Subsequently, the church officially announced the cancellation of the wedding. In accordance with the church’s constitution and regulations, both the bride and groom were suspended from their designated roles.