“Chunga Omosh Asione Colour ya “Matanye” vile Imechapa, Atakuacha” : Kibe Tells Akothee.

Andrew Kibe, a YouTube blogger, has once again criticized those who cheered on musician Akothee during her wedding to Mr. Omosh on Monday. During his daily show, Kibe scolded Akothee for wearing makeup that he believed did not suit her skin color, making her face look bad. He went on to say that the artist did not have good friends who wished her well because if she did, they would have advised her to stop using the makeup and be real.

Kibe confessed that he is Akothee’s only true friend, which is why he decided to tell her the truth without mincing his words. He stated that if Akothee had good friends, they would have told her that she was not a “makeup person” and instead advised her to stick to using lip balm.

Kibe went on to say that the makeup was a problem because it did not match Akothee’s skin color. He claimed that it was like someone who had undergone a head transplant or something. Kibe added that he had spent a lot of time trying to stop himself from saying negative things about Akothee’s wedding, but after seeing the pictures, he just had to speak his mind.

Kibe concluded by saying that Akothee did not have real friends who would tell her the truth, and he was her only true friend. He urged her to look for him so that he could explain further.

It is worth noting that Akothee’s wedding was lavish, and it was attended by various celebrities from politicians to entertainers.