Chopper carrying Chief of Defence Forces , Francis Ogolla busts into flames killing 6 people in West Pokot

A tragic incident unfolded in Kaben, Marakwet East, as a KDF chopper crashed, its occupants shrouded in uncertainty. Authorities confirm casualties, prompting the immediate cordoning off of the area. Early information suggests the presence of 14 high-ranking military personnel onboard, including Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla. As rescue efforts persist, injured individuals are swiftly transported to Eldoret for urgent medical care, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for assistance.

In Kaben, Marakwet East, tragedy strikes with the crash of a KDF chopper, leaving an air of uncertainty regarding the fate of its passengers. Amidst confirmed casualties, authorities swiftly secure the area, highlighting the seriousness of the situation. Initial reports point to the presence of significant military figures, including Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla, amplifying concerns. Urgent rescue operations ensue, with the injured promptly evacuated to Eldoret for vital medical treatment, emphasizing the critical nature of the response efforts amidst this devastating event.