Charity Mwamba: Citizen TV’s ‘Mother in Law’ Show Has Never Given Her A Contract

Actress Elizabeth Wanjiru, also known as Charity Mwamba, has had a successful career in the entertainment industry for over a decade. She played the prominent role of a mother-in-law on the popular Citizen television program.

After retiring from teaching in 1997, Elizabeth began pursuing acting professionally. She appeared in various television shows before landing her big break on the Citizen show.

In an interview with Hiram Maina ‘Kamuhunjia’, Elizabeth expressed her disappointment with her employer, Royal Media Services, stating that she did not feel appreciated during her time on the program. Specifically, she mentioned that she was never offered a contract throughout her tenure on the show.

She stated, “I wasn’t happy with the way I was given my appointment. As you have noticed, I am an educated Kenyan and I don’t like working without a letter of appointment. The appointing process wasn’t smoothed out.”

Elizabeth also shared that the program should improve their operations by offering contracts to their performers. She went on to say, “After 14 years of doing the show, I thought someone would think of giving me a contract.”

Furthermore, Elizabeth highlighted the disadvantage of not having a contract as a performer, stating that pay can fluctuate at any time. She emphasized that after all those years of hard work, she should have been offered a contract at the very least.