Celebrities who Worked as House Helps Before Becoming Famous in Kenyan -

Celebrities who Worked as House Helps Before Becoming Famous in Kenyan

Although many people assume that celebrities are born into wealthy families or have connections to achieve their status, this is not the case for all of them. In fact, some have had to work hard and overcome significant challenges to reach their current level of success. In this article, we will explore the inspiring stories of five Kenyan celebrities who started as house helps before achieving fame.

Akothee is now one of the most successful musicians and entrepreneurs in Kenya, with a net worth estimated at over one billion shillings in 2021. However, her journey to success was not easy. After running away with her lover, she worked as a house help for seven years at her in-laws’ home before eventually leaving and pursuing a career in music.

Gloria Muliro, a gospel artist known for inspiring songs such as “Narudisha” and “Sitolia,” also had to work as a house help to make ends meet. During this time, she earned just 1,300 shillings a month. Despite the challenges, Gloria was able to save enough money to pay off her school fees and ultimately became a teacher before launching her successful music career.

Fatuma Zarika is now considered one of the best female boxers in Kenya and the continent. However, before achieving her current status, financial struggles forced her to take on various manual jobs, including working as a house help for a year.

Nyce Wanjeri is a well-known actress and comedian who played the role of Shiru in the popular Kenyan series “Aunty Boss.” Before her acting career took off, Nyce also worked as a house help to make ends meet.

Finally, Nyota Ndogo, whose real name is Mwanaisha Abdalla, started as a house help before becoming a music star with the help of a good samaritan named Andrew. He not only helped her produce her first album but also gave her the name “Nyota,” meaning “star” in English.

These stories remind us that success does not come easily, and hard work and perseverance are essential for achieving one’s dreams. These celebrities are proof that with determination, one can overcome any challenge and achieve greatness.