Carol Sonnie I Was Dumped Even After Matching Kitenge with Mother-in-law

Kenyan actress and social media influencer Caroline Muthoni, better known as Carol Sonnie, recently shared poignant anecdotes from her past, shedding light on the lengths she once went to in the name of love.

In a recent installment of her YouTube series, Carol Sonnie engaged in candid conversation with her friends Dorea Chege, Mylie Stacey, and Morin Actress, collectively exploring themes of love and relationships under the tag of ‘Girls Tag’.

Launching into her narrative with a preemptive disclaimer—”It is not who you think it is”—Sonnie recounted a particularly memorable incident where she found herself going to extraordinary lengths to impress her then-partner’s mother. This involved the meticulous crafting of matching kitenge outfits.

“Have you ever sewn a kitenge that matches your mother-in-law’s? You sew yours and then take her measurements to have hers tailored?” she questioned, reflecting on the lengths she had gone to.

She went on to reveal that she even attended church alongside her former partner’s mother, both adorned in the coordinated attire, in a bid to solidify her connection with the family.

However, despite her sincere efforts to win favor, the relationship ultimately faltered.

“As I sat there, I found myself questioning what had possessed me to go to such lengths, as I could have chosen to prioritize my own mother, the man himself, or even my father. Yet, my desire to please him, a self-proclaimed mama’s boy, led me down this path, only to be left behind in the end,” she lamented.

Sonnie’s candid reflection offers a poignant glimpse into the complexities of love and the sacrifices individuals often make in its pursuit, even when the outcome proves less than fulfilling.