Carol Sonie: Mulamwah Dumped Me Even After I Made Matching Outfits with His Mom

Carol Muthoni, affectionately known as Sonie, has garnered a devoted audience on her YouTube channel by sharing candid glimpses into her life, particularly her adventures with her daughter Keila and lively conversations with friends.

In a recent episode, Sonie delved into one of her most embarrassing moments from a past relationship, shedding light on the extremes she went to for love and the subsequent heartache it brought.

Joined by friends Dorea Chege, Mylie Stacey, and Morin Actress for a segment titled ‘Girls Tag,’ the conversation veered towards the humorous lengths they had gone for love.

Prefacing her tale with a disclaimer to ensure viewers knew it wasn’t about her former flame, comedian Mulamwah, Sonie shared her story with a touch of humor.

“Hee let me tell you, Maina… Have you ever made a matching kitenge for your mother-in-law?” she quipped, setting the tone for her anecdote.

Sonie recounted her attempt to impress her then-boyfriend’s mother by crafting coordinated kitenge outfits. She meticulously measured and tailored the garments, aiming to forge a connection with her partner’s family and leave a lasting impression.

Her goal was to exude cuteness and potentially strengthen her ties within the family unit. However, upon reflection, Sonie couldn’t help but chuckle at her younger self’s naivety. “I could have made the kitenge for my own mother, the guy, or even my dad,” she mused, acknowledging the folly of her actions in hindsight.

Despite her earnest efforts, the relationship ultimately fizzled out. “And yet, I still got left,” she concluded, underscoring the futility of her grand gesture.

Her friends shared a mix of amusement and empathy, with Morin Actress inquiring about the eventual fate of that relationship.