Car drama as randy couple is caught in their car

My travel to the rural last December was one interesting one. I cannot forget what I saw with my eyes at Naivasha.

This how the story stated, when I was on my way to Kakamega, at Naivasha town, we saw a huge crowd milling around a car which was parked outside a certain restaurant just close to the main highway. The crowd kept on swelling too fast creating a traffic snarl up. All of us had to stop since there was no movement anymore. actually did not know what was happening around the said car. Some of us alighted and rushed to the scene where a Lexus car dark in colour was parking, and inside, there were two people – a man and a woman completely naked.

We moved very close and noticed that the two were having a thing and interestingly their car had locked and no key could open. They were craving for help. It was an embarrassing moment for the two adults. They had stuck together and could not separate on their own. Police had to come with a breakdown to tow the car to police station with the occupants intact.

And while there, they released an official statement that the two individuals had stuck while having sex in a car. The man was a famous politician from Rift Valley.

“We can announce to you that the two persons are all married and they got stuck while having a thing in the car. They had parked the car by the roadside to do some love when all hell broke loose. They were both cheating since we have confirmed they are all married!” a police statement read.

After an hour or so, we saw an angry woman come by lamenting on how the male politician has been cheating on her for a long time now. 

He had even neglected her with children. “Leo utajua hujui nimechoka na wewe punda hii,” she yelled. 21 Best Mom-approved Mother's Day Gifts In 2023, 45% OFF

When we moved close and asked her what exactly had happened to make car’s doors remain locked and difficult to open, she intimated having used traditional means to punish the rogue husband. She was quoted by saying “Mugwenu Doctors can turn your problems into permanent solutions. You don’t even need much but just a call to get your problems solved”.

It took the intervention of the same doctor to get the doors of the car opened and further unlock the two cheating spouses. Mugwenu finallymanaged to separate them!

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