BUNGOMA : Four men arrested in a funeral after putting excessive pilipili in food that was meant to be share with 24 other people.

In Bungoma, a rather unusual incident unfolded as four men were apprehended during a funeral gathering. These individuals found themselves in hot water, not for any conventional misconduct, but for their excessive use of “pilipili” (hot pepper) on a portion of food meant to be shared among 24 other mourners.

This seemingly trivial act resulted in their arrest, shedding light on the significance of communal harmony and respect during somber occasions like funerals.

This peculiar incident underscores the importance of cultural sensitivity and social decorum, even in the most unexpected settings. It serves as a reminder that respecting communal traditions and practices is crucial, especially during events as emotionally charged as funerals, where unity and shared mourning should take precedence over individual preferences.