Brian Chira’s Friends Visit His Grave in Githunguri Months after Burial

Popular TikToker Jude Magambo, known as Manzi Wa Meru, recently visited the grave of the late Brian Chira, months after his burial, and broke down in tears. Chira, who tragically died in an accident, was honored in an emotional gathering. A video shared on TikTok shows Cheshoni Roho Safi, Manzi Wa Meru, Manzi Wa Mombasa, and Obidan traveling together to pay their respects to their late friend and to visit his family.

During their car ride, the group sang Chira’s favorite song, “One Call Away” by Otile Brown, appearing composed and calm. They brought a wreath of flowers to honor Chira, who lost his life in a devastating road accident at a young age.

Upon arriving at Chira’s gravesite, which was adorned with grown grass and flowers, Manzi Wa Meru was overwhelmed with grief and broke down crying. His friends quickly gathered to comfort him, and together they placed the wreath on the grave.

The news of their visit sparked reactions from Kenyans, with many expressing their condolences and emotions:

  • Bess, a friend, said, “Wacheni kutukumbusha we want to heal.”
  • Mamakeshania commented, “People may talk negatively, but let me tell you… losing a loved one is something you never forget.”
  • Sáñyú lìshá shared, “My son resembles Chira. He always reminds me of him.”
  • Rosanicolattechiv expressed sympathy, “Poor Jude… I want to cry …rest in peace Brian Chira.”
  • Esther K remarked, “Eish..they are bringing a new beginning to the story.”
  • TiktokVibes❣️ added, “Say hi to Chira and tell him vacation is over, we miss him so much.”
  • Cate 2027 offered comfort, “Jude, my dear, take it easy, everything will be fine! Chira rest in peace.”
  • Faith asked, “Who else has shed tears?”

The visit was a poignant reminder of the deep bonds of friendship and the enduring pain of loss.