“Bora sijauzia babako,” Eve Mungai fires back at a fan

Eve Mungai, a renowned Kenyan content creator, is no stranger to facing online trolls from social media users. Despite her immense popularity and large following on various social media platforms, she often encounters backlash from a certain segment of her audience. In the early stages of her career, Mungai admitted that she would feel disheartened […]

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KRG The Don Blasts Octopizzo On Buying Views For His New Hit Song

Octopizzo, a renowned hip-hop artist hailing from Kibra, Nairobi, Kenya, has been an influential figure in the music industry for over a decade, consistently delivering captivating music to his fans in East Africa. In a remarkable feat, Octopizzo shattered records with his latest music video release in May 2023, following his temporary confinement. Within a […]


Morning Drama in Shauri Moyo, Nakuru As Lady Spotted Bathing Husband InBasin, Says It Is To Appease The Spirits and Avoid Poverty “Namtoa MadoadoaYote Umasikini Usitufikie”

A husband and wife in Nakuru have delivered morning drama in Nakuru, the wife stripping herhusband naked to bathe him outside the house they were renting. Sharon Mukami, 32, saysthat she was only observing customs, that require her to bathe him once a month in cold waterto cast out any evil spirits or ward off […]


“Saa Zingine Unafaa Ku-Man Up, Huwezi Pigwa Na Bibi Kila Siku” Limuru ManSpoiling Family Name By Being Battered By Wife Daily Finds Help From This ManAs Marriage Wrangles End

It has become something of a normalcy to hear Jacob Kinuthia screaming inside his house. Hiswife Natalie is a ruthless authoritarian dictator, barking orders at the top of her voice. It is onlya spectacle to those new to their daily drama. But for us, her neighbors, we have grownaccustomed to seeing her on top of […]


Kitui Woman Says That She Caught Her Man Kissing Her Father, Did This To HelpHim Beat Homosexuality

What would you do if you saw your husband kissing his father-in-law, your dad in the kitchen??Laureen Mutua sat down on the floor, her head spinning when she witnessed the horrific scenewhen she went for a glass of water in the kitchen. Her dad had come to visit, saying that heneeded to settle things with […]


Being Broke Has Pushed Many Men Into Joining Sacrificial Cults, But I Joined ACult Where You Cut Off Your Manhood. Here’s What I Did To Rescue My FragileBags

I knew that the practices at Memoirs Of Judas Iscariot Fellowship weren’t entirely Biblical ororthodox. Most of the teachings were unheard-of, like being forced to remove panties, bras,boxers and wigs before entering, getting baptized in Camel’s milk and writing the cross Upside-down. But the leader promised that within six months, every member will be driving […]


Kenya’s most handsome Makanga? You decide(video)

A video shared by a woman from Nairobi has caused a stir on social media, featuring a charming bus conductor who captured her attention. The woman, known by her TikTok handle Wawera 254, discreetly recorded the video showcasing a handsome, bearded, tall, and physically well-built conductor collecting fares. Oblivious to the impact he had on […]